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Smartwatch Wrist Lift and Light Up Function User Guide
  1. You can turn on the clock screen brightening function in the application.
  2. Please note whether sleep mode is turned on.
  3. The automatic screen light function is a very useful feature in the smartwatch app.
🔊What should I do if there is no sound?
  1. First, please make sure that the device's media audio is turned on. If the device's media audio is turned off, there may be no sound.
  2. Please check the volume setting on your smartphone. If the volume is set to zero or in manner mode, there will be no sound.
  3. Please check if your device is in silent mode. If the device is in silent mode, notification and media sounds will not sound.
🌤️[Weather forecast] setting

The device itself does not automatically update weather data. The device must be connected to the application to automatically sync weather data. If it is connected but not syncing, please try the following

  1. Allow the app location and network permissions.
  2. You can manually pull down the synchronization data on the app's home page, and once the data synchronization is complete, the weather data will be synchronized to the device.
What should I do in case of [Device upgrade failed]?
  1. When upgrading a device, please keep the device's battery level above 50%...! ~If the battery runs out during the device upgrade, the upgrade may not be successful.
  2. If the device upgrade fails, the application will automatically try to reconnect. If automatic reconnection fails, please reconnect the device manually.
  3. For some devices, if the upgrade fails, wait for 2 minutes (during which time the device will not respond) and the connection may become active again.

    Check the above when upgrading and make sure the upgrade goes smoothly. 🔄🌟
🔌Tips on [charging]:
  1. First, check that the USB port (PC or other power supply) can supply power properly.
  2. Make sure that the USB port and charging head are in firm contact so that the charging terminals are not touched by dirt or rust.
  3. If the battery level of the device is very low, the charging animation may be displayed or responded after waiting for about 1 hour.
  4. Furthermore, the device is not suitable for charging with a mobile battery/ᐠ - ˕ - ma Ⳋ ! ~Please check the device thoroughly before charging and use the device properly.

    Power supply and clean contact are important.

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