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My watch is not connecting to my smartwatch?
  1. Make sure the cell phone's Bluetooth is turned on and the watch is charged and turned on.
  2. Restore the watch and bring the watch and cell phone closer together.
  3. Note the watch's Bluetooth address and make sure the correct watch is connected and that the watch is not connected to another cell phone.
  4. If the cell phone is connected to too many Bluetooth devices, first ignore (not disconnect, but ignore in the Bluetooth list) the other Bluetooth devices, then connect the watch
Why does my watch or cell phone disconnect repeatedly?

Make sure the distance between the device and the phone is not too far; if the distance is more than 10 meters, the Bluetooth connection will be weak;
Make sure there are no obstacles, doors, walls, etc. between the device and the phone;
Is the power supply of the device sufficient?
Restart Bluetooth on the phone;
Quit the application that caused the disconnection. For Android, it is recommended to turn on the background execution privilege; for IOS, it is recommended to keep the background execution;
Check whether the phone is bound to too many Bluetooth devices, whether some devices are ignored in the system Bluetooth settings
Reboot the Bluetooth or cell phone;

Do I need to keep Bluetooth on all the time?

This depends on the current use of the device:

  1. The step counting, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, alarm clock, and sedentary reminder functions do not require Bluetooth to be always on. Simply wear the device during your workout and open the APP when your workout is finished. Your device and phone will automatically connect and you can view the data after the synchronization is complete;
    Functions such as Incoming Call Reminder, APP Notification Reminder, Find My Phone, and Find My Device require constant connection to the device, so you must always turn on your phone's Bluetooth;
    *Tip: If you want to experience the full functionality of the watch, it is recommended that you maintain a Bluetooth connection.
How do I check my cellular data and view data retention?

*View data:

Please wear your watch correctly
Enter your data and basic information.
After the watch has completed the exercise and saved the data, click on the Exercise page to view the watch's exercise data.
*Saving data

You can save data separately from your cell phone, allowing you to exercise without your cell phone. If you need to sync data, simply reconnect the device with your phone's APP and upload the data.
Devices can retain data for up to 7 days;
*Data Synchronization

Auto Sync: Data is automatically synced after the device is connected to the APP; *Manual Sync: Data is automatically synced after the device is connected to the APP
Manual sync: After the device is connected to the APP, you can scroll down and refresh the sync in the homepage and data interface;
If the data cannot be synchronized, close and open the APP again, or reboot your cell phone bluetooth, or cell phone;

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Why are the measurements inaccurate?

Data accuracy is related to the basic data recorded in the APP. Please check that your data (gender, age, height, weight) is correct.

Make sure your watch is worn correctly.
For pedaling data, shake your wrist to make the watch feel the vibration and count the number of steps.
Reset the watch and measure again.

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